Frequently Asked Questions

Since our opening, the Body So Perfect team has had numerous clients come to us with various questions. Below we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answers as to why and how the Body So Perfect process works.

References are available upon request from clients who have experienced the Body So Perfect process. Give us a call and schedule your first appointment.

What is the difference between Contour Firm and Contour Shape?

Contour Firm uses Radio frequency to melt the fat and tighten the skin and help build collagen. Contour Shape uses ultrasound waves and causes the collapse and implosion of the cell membrane around the fat cell thus getting rid of the fat cell entirely.

Which process is better?

Both work great but not without properly moving your body after the procedure to ensure fat is being metabolized and moved through your blood system and lymphatic system.

Can I do my whole body?

Yes you can, however, not all at one time. The Body So Perfect team concentrates on problem areas of the body such as the abdominals, love handles, buttocks, legs and arms. Small areas must be done to achieve proper results, think of the size of the palm of your hand in order to get proper results.

Does Body So Perfect have a maintenance plan?

Yes, Body So Perfect has a maintenance plan to help you maintain by keeping the skin tight and help you to rebuild collagen with Contour Firm; and, put you on a personal training program using the Exero™ System which is a cross training system that has cardio, interval training , Pilates, Yoga, spring, pulley and suspension capabilities all in one unit. You are targeting abdominal muscles as you do a cardio workout. The Exero™ System requires your scapula and rib cage to stay connected while you do our Yoga Flow or Pilates based workout. We can target butt and ham strings without doing lunges if you have knee issues. Your core will be stronger and it’s design is very unique, you won’t find it at any gym.

Once I get rid of the fat cell with Contour Shape is it gone for good?

Yes it is, the fat cell implodes by using the Contour Shape process. More importantly getting on a maintenance plan and shrinking the remaining cells using the Contour Firm surrounding the problem area you are ensuring that the remaining fat cells don’t enlarge. This is key!!!

Do I have to exercise after the Contour Shape and Contour Firm process I don’t like to exercise?

Yes, at Body So Perfect you have to Exercise with the Exero™ System. However, the Exero™ System is versatile and it can accommodate the avid gym rat or the Pilates and Yoga fan to the non exercise enthusiast. Body So Perfect promises you will love the way you feel and look. We will find a way to move your body to accommodate every personality.

How many sessions do I need to see a difference?

Every person is different, we have clients who saw a difference after one session. Some people see up to an inch after 2 sessions We have a client who lost 3 and 1/2 inches after 4 sessions from her mid section. It varies from client to client. Everyone sees some degree of change, that’s the standard, the variable is the degree of change.

I’ve tried the Radio Frequency before but the results didn’t last, why is Body So Perfect different?

At Body So Perfect we combine the Contour Shape which is ultrasound that implodes fat cells and Contour Firm which is radiofrequency that shrinks fat cells and builds collagen together with the Exero™ System workout which targets the area and gets the fat to move out of your body. You can not get this type of combination at any spa or gym. This is a one-of-a-kind contour spa that combines all three of these revolutionary products giving you the perfect combination to achieve the perfect body. Body So Perfect..Now.. Perfection is Achievable.